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Our Chef

Aleef Restaurant Funder Mr. Abdul Kareem, He is 37 Years old, His home Town people call his name as a Aleef kareem due to his recipe touched people tongue and heart. In his home town anybody want planning to go out, in there outing list his restaurant name will be there without failure.

Mr. Kareem decided his passion, as he become a cook, so he studied Bachelor of Science and Hotel management at Chennai, in his college he choose core subject Food production.

He Started his Restaurant in the name of ALEEF ( In Arabic it is First Letter), in his First year it self his restaurant in the signature restaurant in his home town, very famous and every one love his recipe and his hospitality.

When he introduced his first restaurant, he make his recipe secret as Indian- malay recipe, which is unique to the Indian market, especially south India He started his Restaurant chain in 2011, also he introduced his recipe secret to public, which is called massaala available to the public (Aleef massaala), now he become successful entrepreneur in hotel industry. 

Received Certificates and Awards

Aleef Restourant, is the best restourant in Paramakudai and been recognized with many awards. We promise to provide excellent service to you forever for happiness and success. For getting more details please visit us.